Cleaning Up Sketches in Photoshop & Illustrator

I sketch in pencil a lot, so I tend to need Photoshop and Illustrator to clean up my sketches.

Using Image Trace in Illustrator

Image Trace in Illustrator can save you hours colouring in your drawings.

Drawing & Painting Techniques

Adding Depth Using Line & Value

Adding depth to sketches is a great way to improve the quality of your drawings.  This covers the principles of line and value, and how you can use them to good effect.

Using a Coloured Sphere as a Colour Palette

If you have trouble mixing colours, this method of using a sphere to colour pick your colours is quite fast.

Life Drawing Technique

A method I use for drawing from life.  Its not the way everyone does it, but it works ok for me.


Girl Character Shading Time-Lapse

Boy Character Shading Time-Lapse

Painting with Normals in Photoshop - The Basics

A quick overview of how to set up a photoshop document with a 3D layer, and paint a normal map.  The normal map can then be lit in Photoshop and used as the basis for illustrations and concept art.

Painting with Normals

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